LIttle Wooden Head                                                      Nursery Games

Once Upon A Time

All Aboard  


Jingles                                                                 Opening Day                                                                                                                 

Merry Little Dress Makers                                                    What’s Your Pleasure?

Practically Perfect                                                               Clean Cup, Move Down

We’ve Met Before                                                   A Ray of Hope

All Alone, My Pet?                                                               Do You Want To Know A Secret?

What Lies Within                            Rumor Has It

The Enchanted Tiki  Room                                               Madame Leota 

Portrait Bust of Belle from  “Beauty and the Beast”


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Yakovetic, Miriam Nelson (choreographer) Marge Champion    John Lasseter with Yakovetic - Snow White 70th

(actress and model for Snow White) and Roy Disney, Jr.           Anniversary event.

Yakovetic - Above the Firehouse

Video courtesy of Dohlen Studios

Original, giclée and deluxe print pricing available at:

Click Artists Corner.  Scroll to Yakovetic.